January 26, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Amanda Jackman -Voice of Truth article-recent edition (December issue)
“With four young children under the age of six, life often feels overwhelming. Changing diapers, chauffeuring children all over, trying to find time to be a good wife, and feeling like I can’t catch my breath or find any balance can be daunting.
One day, I stood in front of the microwave, reheating my coffee for the fifth time. The Lord stopped me and reminded me of the only sustenance I need. It is Him. While stirring in frustration over not being able to finish a cup of coffee in peace, I was reminded that God alone equips me for this season, not the caffeine that I was using in my “survival mode.”
God has called me to the four wild souls that we are raising. They are His children whom He has loaned to my husband and me. Wow! He trusts us that much! So while it is so easy to feel inadequate in this Pinterest and social media culture, He has given these children to me, knowing I am who they need. They are part of my purpose, and I am part of theirs.
We always hear about “pouring from an empty cup,” but what about pouring from a cold cup? Sometimes I think we can get so “cold” in the busyness of raising children that we forget to heat up our cup with our Creator, who gave us this season. What if leaning into Him was like getting served your favorite hot cup of coffee? Maybe we should stop in front of the microwave, breathe in, and ask God for peace in the moment. What if He meets us right where we are? With the messy bun, unbrushed teeth, milk-soiled t-shirt, and baby spit-up as an accessory? What if He looks at us and says, “She is good.” In the moments we care for everyone we love, we can know He is waiting with open arms to take care of us. He meets us right where we are.
And in this season, I’m in front of the microwave. And He is right here with me.
He gives us the power to be good stewards of our families and caretakers of our homes. As moms, we can recognize and lean into His offer of refreshment—even in those moments when we feel incapable of fulfilling our calling. Every morning I lean into Galatians 5:22-23, But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. (ESV)
Let’s heat up our cups and hearts with these fruits. The next time I find myself at the microwave, I will be praying the Lord renews these attributes in my heart.
Lord, allow your Spirit to move through my words, my actions, and my life with these children. Allow me to be a loving mother, full of your joy, consumed in peace, patient with the children who know all the buttons to push, kind in my words, and good and faithful to who you’ve called me to be as a wife and mother. Help me be gentle in discipline and correction, quick to listen, slow to anger and speak, and to be in control.
Amanda Jackman
Reheated Coffee
Voice of Truth
10th Edition
Quarter IV 2022
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