January 25, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Are you trusting God to provide? If you are, then why keep worrying? We have so much to learn from God’s Word about the word worry.
God says we should not be anxious or worry about anything and that we should trust and delight in Him about everything! We should commit and submit our ways to Him.
We need to “be still” in His presence and quietly wait for Him to act. We do not need to take any control in our own ways. Wait! Be still.
We need to learn about putting our hope in the Lord rather than ourselves or in what we see in the “now.”
God will vindicate and reward us. Many of us can be understandably worried about the challenges that face us, but when we respond in faith, God will give us success, and we can trust Him with that.
“Be still” before the Lord; take courage. Watch and wait to see what God will show you to do next. Put away all worry and Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart.