January 25, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Reading or listening on audible to God’s Word each day, I realize more and more I’m reading His love story written to me.
God’s word is truly the most precious story of love and restoration I can find through and through and find it penetrates my soul directly. It is so real how God opens Himself up to each of us to know Him more through each chapter and verse.
Over and over God extends His hand to you and to me. He reaches us where we are. He grasps us tightly when we are lost and afraid and He NEVER turns away from us.
 As I fail Him constantly, He draws me back. He forgives me. He restores me. God loves me and He loves you more than we can comprehend.
God has the most indescribable desire to restore those He loves. Oh, how He loves us. He loves you sweet daughter of His royalty!
You could never push Him away so far that He isn’t present when you call on His name. God is God, His love is unending and His understanding is sometimes incomprehensible.  He is the God of restoration.
Please take the time today to say “Thank you God, for the irresistible love that You have, just for me.” God desires to hear from you. He wants to hear your heart of gratitude. He desires to love you with a love you have never experienced before from anyone but you need to pause long enough so you read His everlasting Words of love to you and allow Him to enter in…
“Dear Lord,
Please hear my heart at this moment and know how much I love YOU dear God and I live to glorify You in all I do. Thank You for loving me. Draw me closer to You in everything I do each day because my desire is to love You more.
In Jesus Name.