January 23, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

We need to have ferocious faith! We need to have a fire faith within us that sets the world ablaze for our Lord. Our faith should be a passion that fuels the kindling to “blazing flames of fire” that will turn every eye to our King because we believe without wavering!
Is your passion for Jesus and serving Him “hot” with pressure, driving people forward to God’s Kingdom realm? It needs to be! We must start acting in faith now, right now, believing that with God, ALL THINGS ARE DEFINITELY POSSIBLE! He says so in His word- ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE (not just some) so why would we not believe it? Is it a matter of faith? What is it?
(Matthew 19:26)
Jesus looked at them and said, “With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.
Do not be intimidated by the giants in your life! If I allowed that to stop me, women world leaders would not be here today! Whatever your giant in your land is, don’t be moved or crippled by fear! God has called YOU! God is calling YOU this moment to get out of your hiding place!
We need your help here!!! Bigger things are coming and this army of women is growing. Jump on board with us.
Remember, all things are possible. Believe it. You can serve right where you are by just saying “yes, here I am Lord, send me or use me”.
God has a role for you birthed here. Do not overlook it. We need you! What are your gifts? Your talents? We’ll put them to use here for the larger scope, just be willing and speak up. We will begin to place you in areas God has called you.
We have GREAT  and MIGHTY things happening here in Women World Leaders soon and very soon… Just be willing and watch what God can and will do through YOU and your obedience to say “yes Lord, I can be part of this!”