January 20, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Women of God, we are meant to manifest God in our feminine form. We each have a uniqueness that others should see God in us. They should see love in all our beauty.
God designed us to respond to situations in love as He does. We are to show love and display Godly obedience as He has designed us by holding the Name of Christ within our hearts. Let God reflect inner beauty as a “light” within our lives.
Realize this, if you allow yourself to get into a muddy fight with someone, you both end up getting dirty. God wants us to stay in our clean, beautiful, feminine form.
Let’s think about Godly Esther in The Bible. She was in some crazy situations but she responded with grace and wisdom and therefore was used in a way that exemplified God’s beauty. Praise Him for our “Esther example.”
Think about this…the body of Christ would not be complete without women like us in our Godly, feminine form in which we were created. Our God-like form can fill a room with God’s beauty.
When you receive Godly counsel from a wise woman who honors God in her body and character, it’s clear to see she’s needed in the body of Christ for a purpose, God’s purpose.
Ladies, pray and ask God for this beauty He bestows so generously. The Holy Spirit desires to work in you as YOU were designed in Gods image and for a particular purpose. God’s great purpose. Ask Him to allow your sweet, Godly fragrance to linger wherever you go.❤