February 21, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Our strength could be failing and our bones wasting away, but God’s grace gently lifts us up from our weaknesses.
In these past several months, as my husband and I have experienced a major move in our household, my routine has been thrown off. I’ve had to add an incredible amount of work to my already busy life. With all my strength being depleted and the clamoring inside my brain giving me lists upon lists to accomplish, I was not provided a second of rest. It caused moments of complete immobility. How did I press beyond?
Who can stop the work of the Lord?
When anxieties tried to rule my heart and I felt that I was lacking in self-control, I ran to God’s arms.
God is the God who tames our lack of self-control, who upholds us when we go down, and renews our strength to press on.
No one can stop the work of our God.
He is the One who can cease the work of the enemy.
As the Spirit moves within you, so do our feet.  As the Spirit breathes and gives us a freshness of our outlook on any situation, so do our mouths. We begin to speak again. As the Holy Spirit groans so do our hearts and He cries to God on our behalf. When we need Jesus to intervene, He does! In the most powerful ways He will come through, but we need to keep our eyes open, prayers spoken and then wait on God.
This life is a constant battle but our victorious God is here with us to rescue us in the trenches. He replenishes us by pouring His liquid gold over our tired weary bodies. It’s amazing how we can shine again for His glory, in a moment of pause.
Let’s keep pressing forward together for our Lord. Stand strong in your POWER with Him, anointed by the Holy Spirit within you, and move beyond your weakness.