February 11, 2024

by Kimberly Hobbs 

We can reflect on our own days and all the activities within them to think about how we might be able to help others in this day. Do we live humbly desiring to serve others above ourselves?
To embrace Christ, we must accept the lessons He teaches us. His actions guide us into learning and lead us by example.
Part of being a servant is loving and forgiving others, both of which almost definitely, positively affect your relationship with others. Jesus’ example teaches us to be selfless, as He was.
As we study God’s word daily seeing Christ’s example as He lived and walked on our planet just as we do, we are reminded that life is not always glamorous or easy. In fact, when God calls you to serve, things may get uncomfortable. But by learning to lay aside entitlement and turning toward humility, you will begin to see things from another perspective.
“You find God’s favor by deciding to please God. Even when you endure hardships because of unjust suffering. For what merit is it to endure mistreatment for wrongdoing? Yet if you are mistreated when you do what is right, and you faithfully endure it, this is commendable before God. In fact, you were called to live this way, because Christ also suffered in your place, leaving you His example for you to follow.” (2 Peter 2:19-21 TPT)
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