December 5, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Holidays bring happy memory making, delightful gatherings of loved ones but for some, it can bring up many wounds and hurts dealing from past or present family struggles.
Many of us have had severe injuries to relationships over the years and sometimes the pain of these times can be fatal to existing in any future interactions or moving forward as loving family and friends.
 Even if the relational memories may be completely destroyed as someone might feel please know that time can heal and God can anything. God can intervene.
We can definitely protect the “love” felt for others by continuing in our prayer life. Pray when it’s hard to pray.  We can make life easier through being the solution and not the problem.
The devil could use ways to manipulate lies, ways we grew up and our pains of the past to “destroy” relationships, especially if we harbor unforgiveness inside. It will eventually emerge and destroy us. That is the ultimate goal of our arch enemy.
We have to live in the present. We must be on guard against battling the past.  Don’t live in the past by harboring gunk! Get it out and verbalized to God.
 The bible says clearly that “every” house divided against itself will not stand”. (Matthew 12:25)
To me, I heed this as a warning…
You cant have “peace” if you are living in discord with someone or drudging up the past over and over. Think this statement through. Pray for your relationships. Nurture them. Don’t force things to happen and don’t re-hash someone’s mistakes!
Relationships are critical to our well-being. The right relationship with someone you love, emotionally and spiritually will balance you and give you a healthy perspective. The quality of your relationships will determine the quality of your life.
If something isn’t right in a relationship,  please bring this before God. Ask Him for His will to be done within the compromised relationship, not yours. Praying this way removes your control and relinquishes it over to God to intervene. Try this, it is your best option.