December 27, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Words to a song I remember mentioned that going through a fire deepens our desire to look to God. Some of us are faced with fires this whole festive season, and life may not be as “Merry” or “New” as is often wished upon us by others.
How many of us, in threatening times, tend to hide and draw back in fear? We isolate.
Through traumatic ordeals, our character is tested, and we are forced to tap into hidden gifts and wisdom and draw on God’s strength. Can you draw on Him today to help you through your struggle?
I’ve realized that through storms in my own life, many of my character flaws are uncovered and refined, and my true identity is revealed. I’m learning not to fear this but learn from it. I am being transformed into the influential woman God has created me to be in this season and those ahead. It’s not been an easy process and especially in seasons when others are celebrating and rejoicing.
The Lord causes the fire of adversity to cause the heart❤ to be purged and purified.
God is committed to removing anything hindering the fulfillment of His purposes in our life. Be certain of this and also be aware of this.
It’s amazing when placed in disastrous situations how women can display great feats of strength and learn and grow tremendously. Push through your struggles! There are lessons in the load. There is joy in your salvation of knowing God through your pain and heartache on this earth.
Please lay down your hurts and surrender your pain to God this close of another year. Talk to Him frequently because He is right in front of you, right behind you, and completely waiting for you.
“God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.” ( Psalm 46:1)
…When you walk through the fires of oppression,  you will not be burned up; the flames will not consume you…”
(Isaiah 42:2-3)
God’s word is full of promise, dear one. Hold that tight this whole Christmas and New Years’ week while everyone is joyous around you. Be reminded that  God holds you just as tight as He always has, and He loves YOU like no other.  Allow Him entrance into your heart this season to commune with Him, and may He strengthen you with endurance through your storm or your silence, whatever it may be.