December 22, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Today we have a  Christmas Monologue from our WWL in the United Kingdom,
 Donna Clare.
The Shepherds were the first people to be told of the birth of Jesus. They were ordinary people doing their job. This indicates that Jesus had come for ALL people, not just a selected few but for everyone.
The blessed arrival gave everyone hope. The Messiah had arrived. The shepherds could not hold it in and were the first people to share the good news!
Meeting Jesus fills us with joy! When we encounter Jesus, the Messiah, we are never the same again!
Imagine the sound of the angels singing! How glorious, how angelic. Sing out loud and praise Jesus this Christmas, as He is the hope, the peace, and the answer for us all.
He cares for you personally, He knows you intimately, and He will meet you exactly where you are just as the angels met the shepherds on that hill the first Christmas night. He is with you today and He won’t ever leave you.