December 20, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

“Unto us a child is born”…. a sentence that many of us are aware of from God’s word.  God announced the birth of His creation from a plan He had from the beginning of who God is.
None of us are mistakes! Don’t ever think that, not for even one second!
God knew exactly what He was doing when He set your life in motion! You have spiritual DNA in you that confirms you were carefully and intricately designed by your Heavenly Father.
Some of us may feel we should not have been born from time to time. We’ve made some monstrous mistakes, or we’ve caused pain to others.  Stop! Ask God’s forgiveness, forgive yourself then move past this way of thinking.
Who are we to have such selfish thoughts on our life?
Every detail of your being and every subconscious thought is known by Him. While you sleep, God cradles you in His love. When you wake, His presence is there to greet you. You delight His heart in ways you can’t comprehend.
In Isaiah He says,
“This is what the Lord says– He who made you, who formed you in the womb, and who will help you: Do not be afraid”…
(Isaiah 44:2)
You are not a mistake, you are here to glorify God in EVERYTHING you do. He created you for a PURPOSE and a plan. You need to hear this clearly and this Christmas may you embrace the specialty God created in you. The uniqueness you can share with others when you give of yourself.