December 19, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 


Guest writer: Dana Cryer, Pottsboro, Texas

What a wonderful day I had!!! I was released from my doctor last Monday. He told me, I want you to go home and enjoy your life… “ALL IS GOOD!”

I’d like to share a story that happened years ago, but it comes back to my heart during Thanksgiving time.

Gene and I got married at 18 years old.
I never had a mother in my life – NEVER.

God blessed me with the most loving mother-in-law. She took me in and taught me things I had never learned before.

She was the greatest cook; she started teaching me to bake cornbread, beans, meatloaf, FRIED POTATOES, etc.

She loved Thanksgiving so much…she had four daughters & two sons. Counting husbands and wives and all our children-it was a HUGE crowd coming from all directions to be at Mamaw’s house for Thanksgiving.

She was in my life for eleven years. Then she starting have some serious health issues. She was 53 years old…so young. She was in the hospital for weeks, and then she passed away.

My heart was ripped out because I’d never hung around with anyone but Mamaw. My experience having Thanksgiving at her home was over.

Thanksgiving was hard for years on..we had two sons, and I still remember the day I went into a dark depression. Now, it’s time for me to do Thanksgiving. Depression is horrible when you don’t share it with anyone. My husband Gene had taken the boys out that morning. I started crying and couldn’t stop. I screamed out to God, why would You take away such a beautiful, loving mother from her husband, their children, their grandchildren, and then me? WHY?

After I screamed and cried all morning, again I asked why, God? Then all at once, I felt the tears stop, and instantly I knew that the Spirit of heaviness was GONE. HE TOUCHED ME.

The enormous wealth of God that He has for you compels Him to shower you with His Presence and draw you close to Him. I have so many dear precious friends that have been calling with loss. They’ve lost a son, a daughter, or others just this year. It’s so heartbreaking to know that some of you have lost someone, and it is so painful. But I have to say that if you would go to Jesus and cry out to Him, He will give you His strength.

KINFOLK are born to share adversity.
Proverbs 17:17

Your family holds a powerful place in your life. The same is true of your sisters and brothers. I’ve heard so many mothers who can’t catch their breath for crying for their son, daughter, or spouse.

I’m praying that the Holy Spirit touches your heart and gives you grace for a loved one in your life at this moment.
The family of God is to build you up in the area of your weakness and draw from you in the area of your strength.

I’m asking you to make this a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas by forgiving your loved ones ~ crying out to God, and allowing Him to set you free as He has done for me.

Freedom is one of the greatest gifts we can receive…though often painful, this is a process designed to make you strong and fruitful, and trusting God to rebuild a relationship can come. His greatest desire is for you to love in the same way and forgive. He asks you, first of all, to love Him in return and then to love others.

God bless you if you are struggling with losing a loved one. I pray in the Holy Spirit, and He knows what you need, so I will be praying that you’ll experience peace and happiness again in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

I love you, dear friends and family…the most beautiful gift that’s been given to you and me is Jesus. Allow Him to touch your heart with His love as He washes away your pain.