December 19, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

It’s a beautiful time of year with cheer and festivities in the air, people seem to live and feel “merry” and it’s easy to settle into the mindset that life is good because I am good. But in reality, life is good because God is good, and everything He does serves a greater purpose in our lives.
If you’re in a season of “favor” and you’re in “running motion” enjoying the happy moments in your life,  it is a time to get focused, to make emphasis on what “God” is doing great in your life, and run with patient endurance.
It’s a time to do mighty things with God, a time to bear much fruit and to make up for lost time. Run with purpose in every step through these joyful moments of gathering and being together for this season.
 This is not the time to sit on the couch of comfort with ease, but to share the gifts God has given you.
This time of year is certainly not a time to doddle with things that don’t matter. Look to Christmas day as some sabbath rest and moments of replenishment, but still take notice of the opportunity to honor God for “His” gift to us. It’s all about Him.
We are essential in all of our seasons of life and seasons here on earth, but I’ve found that in the season of Holiday time, there will be times when you want to rest and you even think you should rest, but God still calls you to run because so much is happening in the moment.
(A quick caveat:) God calls us to regular Sabbath rest, which, if we fail to practice, we’ll fall head-long into burnout.
Even this particular season of holiday, it will involve regular conscientious rest.
Each time you step forward in utter faith, and you are on the “go”, God will meet you, strengthen you, show up and work wonders through you.
Learn to trust Him more and accomplish the impossible with God this entire holiday season.