December 13, 2022

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Many women walk about in this life with a smile on the outer appearance. Unfortunately, these lives which claim they have a relationship with God might be  “surface” saints that are actually  “frowning” deep within themselves. This, unfortunately, could be any one of us.
How would you know if a smile is fake and worn only on the surface?
Perhaps joy might not be real looking toward the Lord by wondering what He can do for “you”? Ignoring Him with any other aspect of life other than your own agenda… That’s selfish.
If this applies to you, try turning this around. Ask God what YOU can do for Him in serving Him. This will shift your communication and actions. Your life will begin to deepen in your relationship with the King as you ask Him this question each day.
Do you only pray to God when you feel things aren’t going well for you or your family? That’s superficial.
Let’s pray you can turn this around.
Maybe begin praying throughout the day so you can be in God’s presence. By doing this, you’ll deepen your relationship with Him. Watch what happens.
Do you get mad at God when you don’t get your way in prayer? Do you give up and stop praying? That’s a quitter.
Try praising God through your storms, and every day, you breathe. You will sense a new relationship cultivating between you and your Savior. He will give you endurance and strength to press on.
Do you behave for only the moment you ask God for a request and then go back to living a sinful life? That’s manipulative.
Pray each day and truly repent before you pray to your Heavenly Father. Pray according to His will in your life,  not your own, and be genuine and heartfelt with your request.
Strengthen yourself each day with God to get yourself away from the shallow grind of repetition. We can never dig deeper into a relationship with God unless we spend time with Him. He has much to say in your life, dear sister. It would be wise to go into the depths of God’s love for you by immersing yourself in His word.
“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength” (Mark 12:30)
God loves you. He wants you to smile not only on the outside but exude joy from the inside as you encounter a deeper connection with Jesus.