August 23, 2021

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Guest writer:
Connie VanHorn-Willard; WWL writer in our upcoming book – Connie is from North Carolina
“Am I Enough?”
 Am I enough and does what I have to offer even mean anything important? Will I ever be seen the way I want to be seen or achieve the dreams I have? Am I even bold enough in my Christian walk for Christ?
I know I am not alone in having these thoughts. Like myself, so many women are struggling with the same “approval addictions.”
• Comparing yourself to others
• Lack of confidence
• Feeling inadequate (smart enough, pretty enough) AGING
• Not knowing who you are (true identity)
• Having a deep need for the approval of others
• Always trying to prove yourself, your value, or your holiness.
•Not having Boldness
God defines who we are today and where we are going tomorrow
Insecurity is powerful and it can consume everything God has for you—and it is rooted in fear. Fear of rejection. Jesus came to set you free from anything holding you back—including insecurity. This is not easy to overcome. Insert Faith & Trust!
This past Sunday I had the opportunity to stand up in front of a crowd of amazing Godly faith-filled brothers and sisters and share about my Jesus!  Here’s the kicker… I wasn’t on the list of speakers. We were only visiting this church for a friend, so I didn’t know most of the folks in the crowd. Scary! The message was about boldness and not giving up on your dreams.
A young man spoke about Abraham, and how he answered the call of God, “Here I Am Lord, send me,”  from Isaiah
 I’m sitting in my chair at church, sweating bullets in all those awkward places and I feel myself edging closer and closer to the tip of my seat. What is happening?
 In my head, I was yelling at God, “No way!”
My sweet Annie reached over to grab my hand and she gave me this cringing look with question in her eyes. “Why are your hands so wet mommy?”
My little Stella was struggling to stay in her seat and at one point, I thought she had run to the back of the room.
I left my seat to chase after her to the back of the room, it was there I ran into a young man that could tell I was “feeling something.” I burst into tears.
As I voiced it to him, he told me I had to share because it lined up with the message and God was giving me an opportunity to be bold.
I was scared to death. I don’t think I even agreed with him about it, but before I knew it I was standing in the front of the room. “Am I enough?”
“Let me tell you about my Jesus,” I said. In August 2014, I made the best and most courageous decision of my life. I was rescued. I was saved and I was given a New Life. I was changed! The decision to follow Christ was complete. I shared in front of the amazing people how God had revealed butterflies to me, giving me a constant reminder of my new life in Him  and His never-changing love for me.
I told the crowd about my dream to share what God has done for me with the entire world. It was so scary but so beautiful all at once.
Nothing came out of my mouth the way I had rehearsed in my mind. I was talking and crying at the same time, but it didn’t matter. What did matter is that I was Bold to do it.
I stood in the crowd and proclaimed my love for Jesus to everyone. I answered the call of God. I was obedient.
God used that opportunity to give me confidence and pour into my heart that “I am enough.” I am all those good things that He says I am. I can chase down my dreams and those dang butterflies without worrying what others think about me. I am loved.
If you are like me and some days the “approval addiction” wants to totally consume you… spit it out. Do not listen to the negative whispers from the world and the enemy. You are enough!
My God size dream is to share what Jesus did for me, and I did it.  After Sunday, I realized that I don’t have to be consumed by fear. Jesus was rejected and misunderstood. Jesus was called crazy and He suffered more than we can imagine, but He was bold. I want to be like Him.
Be bold and never give up on your dreams.
More importantly, be KIND to others. You never know what someone else is going through. Love in abundance. Empower others to follow Christ. You are enough!
Thank you, Kimberly Hobbs, Julie Worland Jenkins, and Candice Daniel, for giving me the confidence and courage to believe in myself and chase down my God-Size Dreams.
You are True World Changers and you are changing mine.
Ephesians 3:20
Ps… This post took a lot of courage.
Another leap of faith.