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August 15, 2022

By Kimberly Hobbs

A Masterpiece Creation.
God’s grace is a beautiful thing in our life. When we start realizing what His grace is in our lives instead of constantly looking at our past mistakes, the more comfortable we become about who we are in Christ.
When we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior, we are brand new, healed and whole. We are FREE!
We are God’s masterpiece and when He completes His work in you, picture freedom and breathe in it.
“You are God’s masterpiece,  created a new in Christ Jesus to do the very good things he planned for you long ago.” (Eph.2:10)
God forgives our debt because of His grace and mercy and love for each of us. He loves you and loves how He created you and especially how He created you “new” in Christ!
God is committed to you in this very moment, wherever you are and whatever you are doing. He loves you completely. Our work here on earth can be so very hard when we are in the trenches but if we stay obedient to Jesus and His Word, the payoff, in the end, is worth it.
You are enough in Jesus. Accept God’s grace and walk in freedom and believe you are His masterpiece.