April 11, 2023

by Kimberly Hobbs 

Through years of experiencing struggles, crooked paths, and painful consequences from the wrong choices in my past, I have chosen to resolve all to Jesus. As a result, my life has changed dramatically.
My path is now clear and straight. I walk in “freedom” and abundant living as I joyfully serve my Lord. I have many life lessons to share with the wisdom God speaks of in James 1:5…”Godly wisdom.” I prayed daily for years without missing, asking God for His wisdom and “forward growth” in my life’s walking journey with Jesus.
“If any of us lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives generously. To anyone who asks.” (James 1:5)
Through it all and over time, I healed. God gave me a powerful story of redemption. I am redeemed!!!
I knew in my heart that one day God would provide me with an opportunity to share my journey and my story, and then through leadership coupled with writing, I could help others develop their own story and overcome hurdles in their personal lives. It has been a work in progress with God’s direction daily, and it brings tremendous joy to my soul.
I prayed that through encouraging others to step toward the abundant living lifestyle He has so graciously given to me, I would find my valuable purpose through serving Him, and I did.
I only write this to encourage my sweet sisters to walk out in faith with the Lord. You have the opportunity to share here, to write here, and to be a voice and a blessing to the world around you.
We are praying for you to step forward in faith with us. Reach out and be a “more connected” part of this ministry.
 ❤ Pray first.
God will direct you. It’s fun to serve with so many women from around our world.