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337. Empowering Lives with Purpose, Interview with Kayla Follin

By julie

Obedience and God’s timing are two things of importance when it comes to walking out the plans God has in our lives.   In today’s podcast, Kayla Follin shares her story of following after God’s heart as a college student waiting on His divine timing. Kayla is now the graphic artist for Voice of Truth magazine. May her story inspire you to seek God for your empowered life and beautiful purpose.   *****

Kimberly Hobbs   Welcome to Empowering Lives with Purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hobbs. And we are so happy that you decided to join us today. I’m so excited to welcome our guest today, which is Kayla Follin. Kayla, welcome.

Kayla Follin   Hello. It’s so wonderful to be here. 

Kimberly Hobbs   And we’re so glad you are here. Ladies, we’re in for a treat from this young lady from Liberty college. And we just cannot wait to get into today’s content. But first, we want to tell you why we are here. Empowering lives with purpose is here to encourage you, inspire you on your walk with Jesus. And we know that God is going to make an impact in some significant way if he has led you today to listen in and join us. So Ephesians 210 says that we are God’s masterpiece. We are created a new in Christ Jesus to do the good things that he planned for us long ago. And so ladies, we believe that each and every one of us have a purpose and a plan. And God knows what that plan is. And he’s working daily to talk to us about that to guide us and direct us to walk in that plan that he has executed over our life. So this is exciting to hear about Kayla and how amazing God is using her in this ministry and women world leaders and I’m going to share a little bit right now about who she is. Kayla is a brilliant student who is studying at Liberty University right now in Lynchburg, Virginia. And her current studies are studio and digital arts with a focus in graphic design. That’s so interesting. And you are going to see ladies how this unfolds today. And Kayla is a woman world leader and she is currently serving on the leadership team now at women world leaders and wow what what a blessing. She has been to this group of women that serve on the leadership team. She’s a joy and just a Pleasant, Pleasant girl to be around. She is the graphic design artist for voice of Truth magazine. And we could not do this without her and we are just so grateful for her part in this magazine. So she loves serving God with all her heart. And some of her loves include photography, she she loves to do photography she loves to hike, and her heart is just sold out to Jesus. So Kayla, today, Kayla and I are going to talk and share a little bit about obedience and God’s perfect timing right because we have to be obedient to God. He’s called us to obedience and the life that we live through Jesus Christ. And there is a verse I wanted to share before I asked Kayla, the first question that we’re going to ask her. And that verse is as we dream about things in our lives, ladies, and may not know what it is that God is going to bring us to and I know Kayla, as a young student in college probably had those dreams and visions of what is my life going to be like, you know, I’m going to college. What am I going to do there? God says show me the right path. Oh, Lord, point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me for you are the God who saves me. All day long. I put my hope in you that Psalm 25, four and five. So Kayla, God says show me the right path. Oh Lord, point out the road for me to follow. And he did that. And he brought you to Liberty University. Can you talk about how and what led you to go to you Liberty University?

Kayla Follin   Yeah. Well, I am I always wanted to be a veterinarian and ever since I was like eight years old. And so I knew I wanted to go study something and so Finance, actually, and I loved science and math, they were my best subjects. And chemistry was my favorite class. And so going in, I was thinking about majors. And I always knew I wanted to go to college and actually hadn’t heard of liberty until later on in my high school years. And I think I actually found out about it from somebody at church, and they were a little bit older than me. And they were going to be coming to Liberty that next year.

Kimberly Hobbs   And Liberty, by the way, is a a Christian college.

Kayla Follin   Yes, yeah. And so, of course, when you’re a junior in high school, you do all of your your college tours, and I went to a few different schools in Virginia. And it came down to liberty, or Virginia Tech, and I finally came to visit and you walk on campus, and you can feel the Holy Spirit here, you really can. And I remember leaving thinking, wow, everybody was so friendly to me. Because as a freshman in college, usually it’s like, you’ve kind of the young one, and everybody kind of picks on you, and especially upperclassmen. And professors are always kind of mean, and you just have this idea that college isn’t going to be a warm and fuzzy place, it’s going to be like fend for yourself. And I remember coming on campus, and everybody was just talking and talking about their gods stories, and how God brought them here, and what he had done in their lives. And I was like, Okay, Lord, like this place is different. And this is where I want to be. And I have that peace moving forward. Like, if I have the chance to go to a school that’s gonna support me in my walk with Christ, then why would I not like, and and yes, maybe another school would have brought different opportunities. I mean, of course it would. But the chance to be surrounded by Christians that are like minded and support one another and have this amazing community of young people who are just passionate about God, it that’s what sold me. And

Kimberly Hobbs   that is so good, Kayla, because there are I’m sure some that are listening that may be younger than you that are now contemplating college. And, and that’s a scary thing, when like you said, you are used to having to fend for yourself in the real world and you know, in schools and things like that. But being able to go to a Christian college is different because the focus is different. Correct?

Kayla Follin   Definitely, um, our school’s motto is Training Champions for Christ. And I think I think that sentence in itself just shines because every professor here, no matter what you’re studying, is going to tie it back to your face, and how are you going to use your career to share the gospel? And how, how does science combined with creation? And it’s not that they don’t like teach things like evolution and, and teach World theories, but we take it down to the core level and say, Well, how does this compare to what God’s Word says and what he’s done? And how can we take the knowledge and then take it out into the world to to share that with, with people? Yeah, so it’s a great place to be. And I think college is hard, and you become who you’re going to be most of the time. And it shapes a lot of how you think. And if you can choose to go to a Christian Christian College, then that just is it’s setting you up for continuing in your faith and growing in your faith and not feeling so alone and, and having to search for that community.

Kimberly Hobbs   Oh, that’s such a good point. And I just I love that you already had that desire to follow after God’s heart, you know, as a young lady, and you were really seeking and God protected you and leading you to a Christian college in you know, he put a whole hedge of protection around you from your emotions and your feelings and everything in the moment that you got there. So it’s important, it’s so important to really look to God and ask Him, anybody out there that is, you know, listening in and making a big decision about choosing a college. And again, this today, we’re talking about obedience and God’s perfect timing. You know, when you look to Him, and you really trust him to direct each step, you know, he will, he’s going to direct you and Kayla, you were exactly where God wanted you to Be at Liberty college walking in that door. And you knew that you may not have known what it was that you were going to take. But that’s all part of the story, right? Because you said, you started in you were going there thinking you wanted to be a veterinary or veterinary assistant. And let’s talk about that here for a minute. Yeah. started to talk to you a little bit more.

Kayla Follin   Yeah, he made it very clear where he wanted me. And very clear, that’s very clear. And but yeah, I wanted to be a vet my entire life, I loved animals, I was riding horses and wanted to kind of go into that realm of things. And then I think my senior year of high school, before coming into college, I realized, well, maybe four years of grad school isn’t going to be my thing and started looking a little bit more into human medicine. And one that really stood out to me was to be a physician’s assistant. And you practically get to work as a doctor under under a doctor’s supervision, but you get to do everything they would without the paperwork. So I was like, Okay, two years of grad school versus four, that sounds good. So I, I switched over to being a physician’s assistant and came into Liberty studying biomedical sciences. And I think, as you heard earlier, can really said that is not what I’m studying right now studying studio and digital arts. So that was a big switch. And, and God really took me on a journey to make that switch.

Kimberly Hobbs   Can you talk about that a little bit, Kayla, because that’s like, pretty incredible how that happened.

Kayla Follin   Yeah. Yeah, it was, it was a, it was crazy. It was only through God. And my first year, here, I was just not happy. I mean, I was I was happy with the school, I love the school. But when it came to my classes, and what I was studying, I didn’t have a passion for it. And like my whole life, I’ve been good at science and math. So it was like, You need to use that and go in the medical field. And that’s what people who are good at science do. And I really did love it. But the passion wasn’t there. And I realized that very quickly into my classes, and I kind of had a heart check with God, like, Am I doing this out of my own pride because I, I want people to know that I am smart. And I am able to do these things. And it was always what I led with when I met people like Oh, I’m studying biomedical sciences. And I really do think it was a thing of pride for me to, to leave that major and say that, you know, maybe I’m not good enough for it. It was a big claim for me to make, and it was a big step. But in that unsatisfied heart of mine, and not being secure, and what I was studying the Lord led me through some dark times. And I had to really claim to him and say, Well, what it felt like everything was spinning around me like, What is going on right now. I, I thought this is what I wanted to do. I thought this is what I’m passionate about. But I’m so unhappy. And one night, I was just laying in my bed in my dorm room and 2am and I couldn’t sleep. And I was like, Okay, well, let me just scroll through the list of majors on Liberty’s website. And so I’m scrolling through and I’m just reading them and nothing was standing out. And I got to the bottom and it said, studio and digital arts graphic design. And I saw graphic design. Wow, what like, what is that I didn’t even know what it was. But it was when I say it was as if every other word on the page was blurred out. I’m not exaggerating that it was like there was a shining light on studio and digital arts graphic design. And I have

Kimberly Hobbs   And I have goosebumps. Goosebumps, like this is incrediblie

Kayla Follin   It’s crazy. I was just too am and I was bursting with energy. Like, what is this floor? Like? Why do you want me to do with this? I don’t even know what graphic design is. And so on over the next few days, I started learning more about it and talking with friends who are a little bit older than me at school and saying, Well, what is graphic design? Like do you know anybody who’s studying it? And so through a chain of people, I got connected with some upperclassmen that were studying and had meetings with them and it was felt like a huge decision for me to make this change to a different major. So I was really trying to educate myself as much as I could, but I knew that that That’s where the Lord wanted me and I had that peace about it. And so the middle of my spring semester, I made the switch to from a science major to an art major.

Kimberly Hobbs   Wow, that you believed God. And you believe that he had a good plan for your future? You know, you trusted him. You didn’t understand what was going on in that moment. But you started to sense that something because you said everything else was blurred. that stood out on the page, you were bursting with excitement, right? Ladies, these are all signs as God speaks to us all in different ways. Kayla was knowing something unique and different was going on in that moment, right, Kayla? Yeah. And then look at how he just took you. Some are proverbs 20 says that the Lord directs our steps, right? We literally took you by the hand directing those steps.

Kayla Follin   Yeah. And he was preparing my heart for that change. Because I, I needed to kind of rely on him. And it took that unsettled feeling. And that just, and I don’t know, I just wasn’t happy, you know, and I didn’t have peace about it. And when you don’t have the peace of God, like, there’s something missing there. And it I needed to kind of cling to him and what he had, and he revealed it to me after much prayer and, and struggle, he revealed it to me. So..

Kimberly Hobbs   I love that I love that. Psalm 139 says, God goes before us, and follows us. So he not only goes before us in in the plans that He has for us, but he says in Psalms 139 Five that he follows after us to, you know, that is so comforting, right? And this story that Kayla is walking us through, is quite remarkable, because how she started out in college with one thing on her mind, God changed those directions put that desire and fuel in her heart for something he was preparing her to do, which is global, which is major. And it’s all God’s timing, and acts of obedience, because we have to follow and be obedient to what God is saying and speaking into her heart. And Kayla, you had a vision while you’re at school, you started to visualize Wow, can I really see myself doing this line of that you started to study in and graphic design. So there’s another scripture I wanted to share, which is, this vision is for a future time. Listen to this verse. Ladies, this is so exciting. This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. God says it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow and coming wait patiently for it will surely take place. Ladies, how many of us think about things dream about things. God has a plan. But we give up way too soon, because things aren’t happening in our timing. It’s not our timing. It’s God’s timing. And Kayla was in school already studying something she wasn’t even sure about. She thought that’s what she wanted to do. But God says wait patiently for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed because it’s God’s timing. That’s Habakkuk 2:3. So

Kayla Follin   I love that verse, especially because to jump forward in the story even more. I you know, was getting settled in my new classes. And then God ignited this dream and my heart of working for a publication and a nonprofit women’s ministry. Oh my goodness. I knew in my heart, I was like, this is definitely something I want to do. But in my mind, it was like, Okay, maybe when I’m like 30 or 40. And I have, you know, my career setup, and it can be something that I start up on the side. Well, little did I know that he would bring this opportunity, my senior year of college. So I didn’t know you were going to talk a little bit more about the process of how I got here, but

Kimberly Hobbs   I’m just covered here in goosebumps too, because, again, I’m finding all these little details out about UK law. And you know, even though Kayla and I are privileged to work together in this ministry, I’m still learning about Kayla. And so this interview is exciting to me too, and just knowing that God put that desire in her to work for a ministry to work for a publication. And it just goes to show that your obedient heart honey that God was honoring that and he was blessing you by opening doors. So this is really exciting ladies I’ve got to share this with you. So that you can see that this truly is a god story of how he led this young lady to this women’s ministry and this publication. So follow this, okay, because it took literally two and a half years as Kayla was in school, all of God, God’s doings were in the making. And it took eight other people that had to take steps of obedience for Kayla to be here today. And so I just, I’m gonna go through them quickly. But I just want you to see how God was working all the way through this to bring Kayla to where and what she is doing right now, which is the amazing graphic artists, this entire publication voice of truth. All right, so it started out two and a half years ago, with actually our stepson, we were up in Ohio visiting him, and he wanted us to go to church. It was around Christmas time. And in honestly, sometimes, you know, you you step away on vacation, and it was like it wasn’t the first thing that that we were going to do. But Jonathan wanted us to, you know, go to church with him and see the church he was going to so we again, Jonathan step of obedience to go to church. We went to church with him. And then we get to church. All right, that’s two people involved. Then we’re walking through the the hallway, and we meet a little boy, seven years old, eight years old, comes up to us, and greets us. And he particularly says a very beautiful compliment to me, which all right, that’s the fourth person I looked down at him. I’m just amazed at, you know, how kind of this little boy was doesn’t know me from Adam. I look up and I see his mom standing there. And I said, Wow, you raise such an amazing son, you know, to just to be so kind and loving to a stranger. And, and so we had a few words. And then we went into for the message. And afterwards, this woman, there’s a lot more to the story. But this woman seeks me out. To pray with me after she felt led. God led her to pray with me, because she was going through cancer. And she was a young woman. She had two small children, obviously one of them that contacted me, and, and so I prayed with her there in the in the entrance of that church. And then I felt compelled to tell her about women, world leaders. As the story continues on, she gets involved in women world leaders. And she has a sister that was also battling cancer, who lived in England, and she felt burdened. This was about six months later, she felt burdened, and asked if women world leaders would put together a zoom prayer meeting because this was during the beginning of COVID. So nobody was able to go out anywhere. So we pulled together this Zoom meeting, and I meet this woman who is this lady sister, and we meet her over zoom. Well, we had opened it up to other women to come in to pray for her. And in the prayer Zoom Room was another woman by the name of Connie, who was praying for Liz in England. Connie hears about this women’s ministry women world leaders and reaches out to us separately, and says she would love to talk about possibly writing or doing something with her writings for women, world leaders. Well, women were a leaders had been praying about starting voice of Truth magazine. So we looked at her writings, and we were like, wow, we can use this woman in as a contributor to voice of Truth magazine. So we started to put together through that year magazine meetings and prayer meetings and everything to put together this publication that was going to come out in January of 2021. But we needed a graphic artist, and we didn’t know where this graphic artist would come from. But we knew that God had a plan. We couldn’t do this without a graphic artist. So we went to prayer. And in one of the meetings, the magazine meetings which Connie had sat in on again she was on staff at Liberty University. Connie has an amazing idea to contact one of the teachers that had students in the graphic artists department and see if one of them would be interested in doing an internship. Oh, my goodness. Kayla comes forward. And as you see ladies this took, how many acts of obedience? How many years of time in God’s perfect timing, that person after person did what they were called to do walked in the steps of obedience, eight people, two and a half years later. And here we have Kayla fallin, who is now the graphic artist for women, world leaders. And through her talents and what she has done. Over 16,000 viewers have been looking at voice of truth magazine, have been receiving this incredible publication. I mean, this is something only God can do. We have over 60 contributors in this magazine. And Kayla is the graphic artist who is putting all of this together from day one. So God’s perfect timing, Kayla, I’m going to ask you just God will accomplish His plan in your life. You just need to take the steps to do it. Right. Jeremiah 2911 says, I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Kayla, what do you like best about this ministry?

Kayla Follin   I will. The community I think every single person I’ve met here has is so on fire for the Lord. And it’s unlike anything I’ve seen before. It’s like you took every person who is just the most passionate out of so many churches across the world, and you combine them into one group. And that has been what’s so inspiring for me is because I’ve never had a strong community of people, you know, a little bit older than me who can pour into me from their life experiences and, and show how passionate they are about their faith. And when I remember the first meeting that I had with you guys, and I was listening to the way you prayed. And I was like, specifically you can really because you you and Carrie would just pour out so much faith or you had so much faith in that God was going to do what he said he was going to do. And I had this take a step back afterwards. I was like, do I do I believe like they do like in my passionate enough that God is going to do what he says he’s going to do. And you guys just constantly push me in the best way God uses you to push me to trust him more. And to believe big God dreams and have those things ignite in your heart that only he can do and know that he will do them if it’s if it’s meant in his will. So that’s what I love about you guys.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. Well, and there is that verse that we have for women, world leaders unto him who’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we can ask or imagine according to the power that’s at work within us. So if we’re each of us, exuding that power that’s at work within us. God is going to do the rest of the exceedingly abundantly beyond. And so we were all just doing our part. And then as God brought you in, Kayla, now you are doing your part honey. And this whole world is being impacted because of everybody steps of obedience, to execute a mission that God put on our hearts to do. And that’s our purpose here ladies with Kayla and I here talking is just to encourage you into your steps of obedience encourage you into knowing that God’s timing is the right timing. And so Kayla, I just want to ask you, how do you think this ministry could affect young women? Like as we’re talking right now, what would you say to maybe the mom out there that has a daughter that is ready to take that step and go to college? What would you say to that mom? Encouraging her daughter?

Kayla Follin   Yeah, I think you know it It is just encouragement. And it’s, it’s being there and being vulnerable about the lessons that you’ve learned through your life, and how that can be a testimony to her. Because I think the greatest encouragement that people have poured out on me is, you know, sharing in the same struggles that, you know, they might have already been through, and they are on the other side of it, but I might be in the midst of it. And when you have faith to be vulnerable with people and share those deep struggles and what impacted you and what you learned, and maybe even your faults and what you should have done better, that’s where I think true encouragement comes from. And it develops a sense of trust to you know, like, I can trust what you’re saying and your advice because you are being open with me. So specifically for college like I would say, just encourage them to chase after the Lord because if they’re chasing after the Lord, their heart is going to want to be where he is. And, and that’s the best place to be.

Kimberly Hobbs   I love that Kayla. So transparency ladies, be transparent with your children be transparent with your your nieces and nephews are those that are facing you know, these life decisions that they’re making. Share your, like Kayla said, Be vulnerable and open up. It’s so important when they’re making their decisions. They know that they need to know the realities of life and what you have been through and that you are pointing them in the right direction. So that they’ll trust you. And Kayla, I’m so what would you speak into the student you’re talking to? That person graduating from from high school right now? Or or somebody that may have been wandering out of high school and not in college yet or going into a future? What would you recommend to them?

Kayla Follin   Yeah, I would say the most important thing you can do right now is to seek after God’s heart. And He reveals so much about yourself, and so much of the plans that He has for you when you just take time to rest and, and who he is and focus on developing that relationship above all. And a verse that comes to mind, I think it’s Psalm 46, five, and it’s God is within her, she will not fall, something like that, that might be a good paraphrase. But I actually had that on a poster above my, above my bed in my dorm room. So it’s funny that that is just coming up right now. But it’s true. When we’re walking with Christ. He protects us from anything, and we are covered by him. And he, he’s closer than our very breath. So we can we can trust him. And when we’re near with him, he gives us those urges in our heart and this, you know, pray for our passions to align with his passions were like, Lord, what do you want for me to do? Would you ignite that in me? So being open and ready for whatever he’s got, and, and don’t think that just because you’re young, that you can’t, you can’t be impactful in a ministry. Because you you maybe don’t have as many life experiences. But God uses us in every stage of life. We don’t have to wait until we’re grown adults to share what he’s doing.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. And you your life. Kayla, to this point is a prime example of that, you know that God will accomplish what he’s going to accomplish through you. If you are willing, if you’re willing, ladies, and you young women just hold that tight, God is going to accomplish it through you. It’s not what you’re gonna do on your own. You just need to be obedient. I have another verse I have to share. God says, oh, Lord, I will honor and praise your name. For you are my God. You do such wonderful things. You planned them long ago, and now you have accomplished them. Isaiah 25 One. So ladies, he’s the one that plan this long ago in your life. He’s the one who’s going to accomplish it. You don’t need to worry or fret about what it’s going to be you need just need to follow in the Acts of obedience and just walk it out. Have that peace in your heart that you know that you’re walking in the right direction. Just like Kayla got that peace. It came after she went to college when she wasn’t sure of what she was going to do in her one area focus of study, and she changed it. And then she said, Everything blurred out around those words. And graphic design just popped out like a bright light. And immediately she got excited. And she knew in her heart because there was that burst of joy, that this is what she’s supposed to do. And two years later, how God has opened the door now to what she is doing. So we need to close and I just want to say thank you, Kayla, thank you for sharing your heart. Thank you for sharing your time in this ministry and women world leaders. There is a place for everybody here ladies, and we are in so encouraging you to step out in faith, whatever it is that you do. As you saw, it took eight people in steps of obedience to get Kayla, to women, world leaders and doing the graphic design for voice of Truth magazine. So ladies, we don’t know what it is that you do you have giftings your giftings are welcome here in this ministry, and we’re asking you to come forward with them. So if you want to receive your free copy of this publication, and we said free, we just asked you to go to info at women world You can email us there info at women world And leave us your name, your address. And be sure to leave us your email address if you are outside of the United States, because we will send it to you digitally and those that are inside the United States will get their free printed copy. And we are working on printing copies outside the United States. And it’s all in God’s timing things are coming together. So just walk with us and know that God has a plan a perfect plan for all of us. So as we close today, I just again want to say thank yous precious Kayla. And please go to our website at women world where you can catch us every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for other podcasts. We have teaching podcasts on Wednesdays we have grace podcasts on Friday. And of course the interviews come out on Monday. So we’re on five different platforms. We asked you to search us out and you can pray with us. If you have a prayer request. We asked you to share it on our prayer wall at women world Where we have prayer warriors that are so happy to pray for you. And if you are a prayer warrior and you want to pray for some women and women, world leaders and just look for us and our prayer wall tell us you want to come in and be a prayer partner love to have you. So ladies from his heart to yours. We are women we’re a leaders. All content is copyrighted and cannot be used without expressed written consent. God bless you all. Thank you, Kayla. Thank you. Have a beautiful and blessed day.