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328. Empowering Lives with Purpose, Interview with Candice Daniel

By julie

Today’s guest, best-selling author, wife, mom, and Mompreneur Candice Daniel shares her story about “The Ripple Effect.”    We all need to believe God’s good plans for our future. Ephesians1:9-10 The Ripple Effect includes YOU!   *****  

Kimberly Hobbs   Welcome to Empowering Lives with Purpose. And I’m your host, Kimberly Hubbs. I’m the founder of Women World Leaders. And we are so happy that you’ve decided to join in with us today. And I would love to welcome our guest today, Candice Daniel. Candice, welcome.

Candice Daniel   Hi, Kimberly, such an honor to be here.

Kimberly Hobbs   We are so happy to have you. And she is coming to us from Sanford, Florida up near Orlando Disneyland. So ladies, it is a treat when we have these wonderful women of God on this podcast. And Candice is one of our leaders and women are a leader. So this is really a treat for me to get to interview her and talk to her about the Lord. She is just precious to us at women, we’re a leaders. Our hope today is that we can encourage you and strengthen and inspire you to walk with Jesus closer to talk with him have a daily relationship with Him. And God says that we are His masterpiece created a new in Christ Jesus to do the very good things that he planned for us long ago. And we believe that each of you are here because he has a purpose and a plan for you. And there is, again, I feel no coincidence that you are listening to this podcast today. And God is just going to pour into you some encouragement that you need. So as we get to share a little bit today, Candace, I want to share a little bit with our audience about you. So Candice is a wife and she’s a mom of four. And she also has an angel baby. And she is mompreneur part owner of three successful companies and a district leader for her own financial services company. And she is educating others and on how to control their finances and equips them with tools that they need to be successful. Candice his passion is encouraging and inspiring women to use their God given talents to courageously walk out their purpose. Her heart’s desire is to know Christ deeper and share His love with the world. Candace, you are amazing at that. God is still writing her story through the challenges and trials and she knows that with Christ, all things are possible. As I said, she’s a leader within women, world leaders. We all love Candace so much. She’s a best selling author and some of the books I’ll share with you later. She’s a volunteer in her church. She’s a huge advocate for human trafficking. And she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and connecting with others. And today ladies, we are going to be talking about the ripple effect. And that leads me into a personal experience with Candice. I call Candace the connector. This woman of God is amazing how she brings people together. And she has brought so many fascinating women into this ministry with such amazing gifts and talents that possibly if you’re involved in women, world leaders, you have seen some of the women that Candice has connected us with because they read right in voice of Truth magazine. They head up our prayer teams they are they are just powerful women for the Lord. They’re working with the our next gen team. I mean, the connections you have made Candace are just just God divine connections. Thank you, honey. So when I began discussing with Candace about being a guest today, on the podcast interview, believe it or not, we weren’t quite sure where God was gonna take us and what it was going to be about. But as we started talking together, God revealed it to both of us that we were going to title this the ripple effect. And I’d love it when God speaks and we get it right. So Jesus says, I am giving you a new commandment, love each other. Just as I have loved you. You should love each other. You love for one another. Your love for one another will provide to the world that you are my disciples. That’s John 1334 to 35 One of the things here Canvas as we open up I love how you love on people you just see right inside to that heart. And in our conversations. You had said to me Can I read you something Kimberly that I wrote and I set up course you know, like, of course, Candace, I’m going to tell you no. So you started reading this to me. And I just knew I just knew right there that God says, This is what we’re going to do this podcast about. So Candice, can you please read, Ready Yourself and about Pieces of the Heart?

Candice Daniel   Yes. So I’m going to read you straight from a journal that I journal in. And this was given to me by God, middle of the night, actually, as I was praying over being on the podcast. So this is straight from my journal. This morning, with ready yourself stuck in my head. I was spoken over several times this week, and I’m told that I’m a light, and I shine bright for others to see the love of Jesus Christ. Kimberly asked me to do a podcast yet again. And I truly know that it is something that God’s calling me to do. I have no idea exactly what I’m going to share with the world. But I know that I need to ready myself to be the light for all to see. Those are the words that God has given me, I truly know that everyone has a story. And I feel that that story is actually God’s love letter to us. And as sometimes we have the honor and privilege of having the opportunity to read our love letter while we’re still here, and know what kind of impact it has on the world. And sometimes, it’s not found until we’re no longer seeking it or looking for it. Like a memoir that you come across in a loved one’s personal things and belongings when they’ve passed on and gone to view with God. Love Letters are representations of that person’s thoughts. They are a collection of their most treasured memories, their hopes, their dreams, their trials that were overcome with victory. There are tears that were shed in silence, trials that were overcome with victory. That their tears that were shed and silenced in their private most sacred conversations with their Heavenly Father, their innermost feelings, their the pieces of their hearts spelled out black and white. And when they are written and read, we begin to truly understand that individual and who they were, who they truly are, and begin to realize who’s they are. I have the honor of being blessed enough to have others read their and share their love letters with me. This is such an incredible gift. There are no words to describe it. It’s something I hold so very dear and sacred, it’s something that I have maybe even taken a bit for granted through the years. I am so incredibly humbled, God has given me a gift of being that love letter reader, the acceptor deliver, if you will, or American Mail Carrier of love letters, I have a heart that opens up and is vulnerable enough to listen to be obedient enough to encourage to inspire them to share their love letter with the world. Every single person has the right to be loved. And to know that they are loved. They have the God given right to open and receive their own personal love letter from God to write their love letter, and to share it with the world.

Kimberly Hobbs   I just thought that was so beautiful. And when Candace was reading that, to me, just God spoke into my heart, you know just about every person’s love letter, you know, and just, they’re all just so amazing and so beautiful. And Candice has this gift when she meets somebody up just pulling out that love letter. And so I just find it interesting, Candace that you have brought so many women to this ministry because you reach into their life and you just kind of have that gift of pulling out of them. What is that love letter? You know, what is that beautiful, beautiful writing that they have that the world needs to hear about? Right? And just as you do that with others, somebody did that with you. And you came to women were leaders. Can you talk about that for a minute?

Candice Daniel   Yes. So I was introduced to you Kimberly, by my RVP Monica through primerica and she mentioned women were leaders to me when I accepted the opportunity for the business. And and she said you should really meet Kimberly says she mentioned women were leaders to me, but it wasn’t until actually I went to a women’s leadership conference over a weekend. And it wasn’t until months later when I went to this conference that I actually God spoke to me at this conference. And I came back and I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to reach out to you Kimberly to find out just what women world leaders was and what it was all about in God really spoke to me and just wanted me to meet you. And so I had that phone call. I’ve reached out, I got that phone call with you. And I knew immediately when I talked to you and that conversation we cried. We laughed. Yes. We just shared in like an hour’s time. And I also know, I remember you telling me, Wow, because I we’ve actually been praying for a leader to rise up in the Orlando area. So I know this is a, an answer to prayer. And I knew right away, it was an answer to prayer for me. So, honestly, for years, I had several people tell me that I was going to be a writer one day, and all these things. And it just all came together in that conversation that I knew that this was somewhere where I could really serve and use my gifts and talents in a way like I had never dreamed before. And so that definitely was something I could have never imagined would have taken place. But it’s come around and come into full circle fruition.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen, amen. And I remember I remember that conversation when I first met you, and God has kept telling me pour life into her speak life into her, you know, give her that encouragement and empowerment. And that’s what we do here at women were leaders with each other is just empower and encourage. And from that conversation, God just exploded inside of Canvas, because she had that a belief that yes, she could do it. And yes, she could use her God given gifts and talents here. And you went right to work. God allowed you to use those here and you started writing with us remember you, you just you’ve always wanted to be a writer. So God gave you these amazing abilities to do within this ministry. And you start you just went right to work and started doing it. You’re like, Yes, Lord, here I am, son me. And he did. He just hand selected you. And so maybe now you can share a little bit about you being in women were leaders in the other lives that it is impacted, like your family, and some of the people that women were leaders has touched because of you being in this ministry.

Candice Daniel   Oh, yes, wow. I have been so humbled and blessed to be given the opportunity to be able to meet some of the most incredible, amazing women, with this ministry and in through this ministry and being in this, this arena, this platform, and using this ministry as a vessel to do that. There are so many love letters, if you will, testimonies and stories that I could share. But the one that really stands out the most for me, is about one of our leaders, or she’s now one of our leaders, a long time ago, is a friend that I knew from a really long time ago, and I worked with her many, many years ago. And I remember when I stepped out in faith, and I wrote in courageous steps of faith. And she kind of reconnected with me on social media. And she saw when I posted about that book being launched, and she shared with me that she too, had always had a god dream, to write her testimony and her story. And because I was willing to step out with courageous steps of faith, and do just that and share my story and my testimony, it inspired and encouraged her to do the same. And so I had no idea that that friendship from that long ago. And the friendship that God created that long ago, would literally come back around full circle and allow the opportunity for her to do just that. And so now coming around full circle, she’s now a part of the ministry. She’s one of our leaders, she’s helping us with the next gen project that we’re working on. And she’s so fired up and excited about that. And honestly, that’s just been just such a blessing to my heart, such a gift. So humbled by that to be able to see that and even now her daughter is now stepping up and stepping into her God given purposes and using her gifts and talents and sharing her testimony with the world. And so it’s just been an incredible gift. And that just is one of the main the the big ones that I’m thinking of, on my personal note, my children, what this has done for my children. And what they’ve seen through this ministry is huge. My nine year old is now an aspiring author. He is aspiring to be an author because mommy stepped out and wrote for the very first time ever, my footsteps, my 13 year old wants to be a praise and worship leader and travel the world and share the love of Christ through music, and all of these things because they’ve watched them done this ministry. So just a few just a few things that I needed to share with you and how much this has grown their faith and their testimony again, that ripple effect and how it’s happening through my family through the families of others and next generations to come. 

Kimberly Hobbs   Prais God, I love it. I love it. I love it. So Candace, let’s go back now you were Believe it or not, you were an introverted child. And none of us and women world leaders would have ever guessed that. But, but you were. And we all need to believe that God has plans for our future because the Bible tells us that so even as you were this introverted child, God says, show me the right path. Oh, Lord, point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me for you are the God who saves me all day long. I put my hope in you that Psalm 25, four to five. So Candace, God began leading you and you journaled as a kid. And now the ripple effect through that journaling. God was doing something in your writing in between you and him in those moments with him. Ladies, listening, journaling is so incredible. It is so important. And Candace is going to show up our share about the ripple effect right now and how it kept you hanging on. So can you share a little bit about that?

Candice Daniel   Absolutely. So I as a child, I know you would never believe it, I was very introverted, I actually had a lot of difficulties with socially, because I, I actually went through a lot of trauma as a child, and had a lot of turmoil and just miscommunication and relational type things in my household that I lit that I lived with on a daily basis. And so I had a best friend who lived across the street from me and the neighborhood we lived in, there was this beautiful lake, in the middle of our neighborhood. And I remember, I would journal that was my quiet time with God. And I truly felt like that is what grounded me and became my anchor for my fate was when I was able to sit alone and just be with God in the moment and just listen to him and what he had for me and his heart for me. So I would walk across the street, and sometimes they were home. Sometimes they weren’t. But I would walk out to the end of the dock, and I would put my feet in the water. And that was just my quiet time. It’s just me and God. And I would cry out to Him, you just cry out to Him. And I remember, the tears would fall down. And I remember specifically one day I was looking down, I was in deep thought and just sharing things with God from my heart. And he’s speaking back to me through the tears falling down, every single one of them would make a ripple effect. You know, when you drop water? Yes, when you drop water, it makes a ripple effect. And I just knew in that moment that every single one of my tears had a purpose. There was a purpose behind the pain, there was a purpose behind what I was feeling. Because God was telling me through what he was speaking to me in those moments that I have you and there’s a purpose for what you’re going through. And so as the ripple effects just grew, it was a confirmation and affirmation to me, it became it became my love letters to me from God. His his love letters to me. And I was speaking out my love letters to him through journaling and through those quiet times. And so as the ripples would form, I just gotten to deep thought of there is purpose. There’s purpose there. All of this hurt all of these things I’m going through, I’ve just always have this unshakable faith. And I also want to share, I went through a family of divorce, and I actually took myself to church. And so that has been probably one of the biggest things in my life, just knowing that God has always been seeking after me. He’s always had, he’s always been right there. And he’s always been seeking after and looking after me and coming after me. And so those ripples, and that so then a few a month ago, a good dear friend of mine, I was having coffee with her. And she again calls me Kansas, the connector. I think everybody’s kind of labeled me that name. Yes, I knew that was a gift and talent. And so being and women, world leaders and all of the confirmations and affirmations that I’ve had with that, that name that, that calling of that name, and she said, Candace, I want to I want to show you something, and she pulled out a napkin as she began to draw out this diagram and she said, Candace, this is how I see your spiritual walk. This is how I see your life. You are Candice the connector and she put my name in the middle of the napkin. And from the middle of the of my name, she started drawing these ripples these connections out from my name and she said Candice the connector. It actually says Candice, the connector. it like ripples in the water. Let go and let God Wow. And she had no idea. The story behind that. And I had no idea that all the things in that specific moment in my life as a young girl, how that would come around full circle, and that somebody would confirm and affirm in me exactly what God was telling me back then. That’s right. And it’s I’m taking this with me wherever I go, ever since she drew it out. This napkin is right here. It goes with me to all of my appointments. And every time I meet someone, I shared a story with them. Because it’s powerful. And it’s so meaningful. And it’s so meaningful to me. And she didn’t even know that but God knew. God knew how he would speak to me once again, years later, as an adult, and how that all comes around full circle. So it’s got the date on it exactly where we were the diagram and you can’t see it on this podcast, but it literally is here is here. Wow. Yes. And so I just that kind of brought everything together as to even what this podcast would be called the ripple effect.

Kimberly Hobbs   Amen. Amen. And ladies that are listening. Don’t you doubt for a second, that God has a plan for you, your life. And what has happened within that life can have a ripple effect to others, if you would just step out in faith, and share, share what God’s doing in your life, encourage others. It’s not all about us and our stories. But those stories are there for a purpose and a plan. Like Candace said, that there are ripple effects happening by God’s power, and he’s going to reach others by His power. And using you just like Candice, she just became this amazing connector. And God was able to use her to reach others, to bring them in to use the talents that He’s poured out on them to do mighty things in the world. And he’s going to use you to be that connector, that ripple effect. God has now revealed to us his mysterious plan. He says this in his word. Listen to the Scripture, ladies, God has now revealed to us his mysterious plan regarding Christ, a plan to fulfill his own good pleasure. God wants to use you ladies to fulfill his own good pleasure. And this is the plan. At the right time, he will bring everything together under the authority of Christ, everything in Heaven and Earth Ephesians, one nine to 10. In Kansas honey, you should be just smiling from ear to ear and glowing because all of those tears that dropped in that lake and you saw the rippling going out and out and out. They were for a purpose, honey, and God is now used your life to pour hope and joy, and you can do it into others which you aren’t doing. That’s exactly what we do here. At women, we’re leaders and ladies, this includes you to that ripple effect of those he loves allows others to reach out with encouragement and hope, right? Are you one of those people that God can use? We believe you are, we believe you are, he has given you a place here to serve. Ladies, please reach out to us at women, world leaders, we want you to be part of it. In fact, we are now I am so excited about this. Every third Monday in women, world leaders ladies, something powerful is happening. We have a leadership meeting, you want to learn how to be a leader, where you are, wherever you are in the world. We’re inviting you to connect in with us at women world leaders and be part of this team of women that are going out into the world wherever they are. So you can join us I’m gonna put a link on and then we just need your email and we’ll send you the Zoom link. Because we all are coming together the third Monday of every month at 7pm Eastern time. So wherever you are in the world at that time 7pm Eastern time you can join in. If you just let us know what your email is and that you want to be part of it. We’ll send you a link and invite you in and you can join us now and let us grow this community of women who we are raising up leaders ladies and you can be one of them. So Candace as we close out here, and we are just so grateful again, for what you do within this ministry, how you give your gifts and talents for the Lord Jesus Christ here is just beautiful, beautiful. Can you give our listener that one inspirational word that will just inspire her where she is?

Candice Daniel   Wow, the biggest thing that comes to mind is there’s purpose in your pain. So every single tear that you have ever shed, God sees them. He sees them, he collects them, he knows them. Yes, he knows you. And he has a purpose for every single pain that you have ever been through every single trauma, every single thing that you’ve ever been through in your life. Don’t ever doubt that. And really just hold on to that truth. And I just encourage you to take all of that, and use it to make weights, make waves in the world, make those ripples, create those ripple effects, and reach out and touch the hearts of people because that’s what God called us to do cause to love others, love others. And his love letter to you is through your testimony and how your testimony is going to absolutely reach others, and inspire them to listen to their love letters that God has for them. Not only listen to their love letters that God has for them, but to share their love letters with the rest of the world.

Kimberly Hobbs    Amen. Amen. And ladies, as I was saying earlier, we believe in you we we know that God has a plan and you’re listening right now and to sitting on the edge of your seat knowing that God, you can use me. Yes, he can ladies. And just as he brought Candace forward and she again that she just had to have that life breathed into her that yes, she can. And she became part of, as I said, the books that we do through women, we’re a leaders that are amazing tools. And ladies, they are available to you on our website. And to the ones that have gone to best seller with Candice in it was courageous steps of faith and embrace the journey your path to spiritual growth. And ladies, right now, we still have some openings for the books that we’re going to be doing in 2023 are pretty filled for our books that are going to be finalized for this year. But we have openings now that you can share your story here. We want to hear your story The world needs to hear your story. So come on and just come on board with us and reach out to us at women world All through our website. There are ways you can reach out to us. And just tell us you want to be part and maybe you have a story. And you can be a chapter in one of these books coming up. We need to hear from you. God wants to use you believe that and we will help you through it. You don’t have to be a seasoned writer. You can become a bustling writer just by walking this journey with us. And we’ll hold your hand through it all. It is amazing what God does when you surrender and give him your Yes. So Candace, thank you for that word. Honey, thank you so much for being our guest today. Ladies, we are so excited again, just what’s going on and women world leaders and we want to invite you to be a part of it. We also have our voice of truth magazines that ladies, we have all of our editions all the way back to 2021. When we first came out, they are available to you digitally online for free. And you can read those. Also the new ones coming out ladies, if you choose to be a monthly donor to this ministry, we have a growing ministry there are needs in the ministry. If you believe and can support this ministry by being a monthly donor, we will send you the printed copies every addition to you in your mailbox. They are amazing. They become amazing tools to minister to hurting and broken women to. So please think about that. Please become a donor to women, world leaders and reach out to us. And even if you send in a one time gift, we will send you a copy of the current voice of truth. So we are so grateful to you and for you listening to our podcasts. We have them every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. And we invite you to listen in and join in with have us for the new ones that are coming up as well. Lots going on in this ministry. And we need you to jump in and say Yes, Lord, here I am. Send me and be part of this ministry as we are going out into the world for Jesus Christ. So ladies, all content is copyrighted by women were leaders and cannot be used without expressed written consent. We thank you for joining us today. Once again, thank you, Candice Daniel for being here and being part of this amazing one ministry. Amen. God bless you all have a beautiful and blessed day. Bye ladies.