August 8, 2021

August 8, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Uncategorized on August 8, 2021

I have enjoyed this month and the “Goodness of God” I’ve seen as we connect together enjoying Facebook and the website. Godly friends and connection display the goodness of God.
Have you ever stopped to think why it may be particularly important to connect with women? I have.
I am learning the value and importance of Godly connection in seasons of my life, as I move forward into deeper ministry missions that require faith, prayer and assistance.
Women are strength to one another and they are really a help in times of need. By opening the doors of our hearts to other women, we can help each other become better women.
Putting aside competition, jealousy,  not trusting and self-protection,
I am learning I need other women to love me, affirm me, and encourage me so that I could love others, and my husband and children in particular with a love “overflowing”.
Years ago, I asked myself, do I really need women in my life since I have a husband? I realized quickly, I need women in my life.
God gives us beautiful pictures of what women do for each other, especially united together, like Mary (the mother of Jesus) and Elizabeth, ( the mother of John the Baptist) . It’s a beautiful story of love and relationship between two women of God.
When we can connect on a deeper, more intimate level, heart to heart, in a Godly connection, our needs can be met and our relationships all around us can grow. I love connecting to all of you WWL’s, in person and on FB, you bring joy that’s been unending into my life. Thank you.
8 de agosto del 2021

8 de agosto del 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Español on August 8, 2021

He disfrutado este mes y la “bondad de Dios” que he visto mientras nos conectamos disfrutando de Facebook y la página web. Los amigos piadosos y la conexión muestran la bondad de Dios.
¿Alguna vez te has parado a pensar por qué puede ser particularmente importante conectarse con mujeres? Yo si.
Estoy aprendiendo el valor y la importancia de la conexión con Dios en las temporadas de mi vida, a medida que avanzo hacia misiones ministeriales más profundas que requieren fe, oración y ayuda.
 Las mujeres se fortalecen entre sí y realmente son una ayuda en momentos de necesidad. Al abrir las puertas de nuestro corazón a otras mujeres, podemos ayudarnos mutuamente a ser mejores mujeres.
Dejando a un lado la competencia, los celos, la desconfianza y la autoprotección,
Estoy aprendiendo que necesito que otras mujeres me aprecien, me afirmen y me animen para que yo pueda amar a los demás, y a mi esposo e hijos en particular con un amor “desbordante”.
Hace años, me preguntaba, ¿realmente necesito mujeres en mi vida desde que tengo mi esposo? Me di cuenta rápidamente, que si necesito mujeres en mi vida.
Dios nos da bellas imágenes de lo que las mujeres hacen por las demás, especialmente unidas, como María (la madre de Jesús) e Isabel (la madre de Juan el Bautista). Es una hermosa historia de amor y relación entre dos mujeres de Dios.
Cuando podemos conectarnos en un nivel más profundo e íntimo, de corazón a corazón, en una conexión piadosa, nuestras necesidades pueden ser satisfechas y nuestras relaciones a nuestro alrededor pueden crecer. Me encanta conectarme con todas ustedes WWL, en persona y en Facebook, ustedes traen alegría que ha sido interminable en mi vida. Gracias.
August 7, 2021

August 7, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Español on August 7, 2021

God will fill you with wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to do the task He has called you to do. (Exodus 31:1-6)
 Many of us are afraid to step out in faith and serve our Lord. I’m here to tell you that the Lord doesn’t expect our steps to be perfect. He just expects us to be obedient, and take the first step, and allow Him to do the rest!
It’s not our perfect steps that the world is so desperately longing for my dear sisters of faith, it is beyond that.
The world isn’t impressed by supposedly perfect people who live in perfect houses with perfect children. People are impressed by love- “genuine God-inspired” love. That’s what will move them and that’s what will give them great confidence. Be real.
 I’m testifying to this each time I stand up to speak and I mess up. I’m not perfect, nor am I a perfect speaker. I see it each time I share my broken past despite how great my relationship with Jesus maybe now, it wasn’t always this way. People can’t relate to perfection but they can relate to being “real”. It encourages others to step out and try also!
How is God going to use you to build His Kingdom?
It takes courage my friend, and remember, God is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think. Allow Him access and be willing to use your mess-ups for His messages, honestly, that’s how my writings began… I thank God for mercy through my messes back then!
6 de agosto del 2021

6 de agosto del 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Español on August 6, 2021

 Dios te llenará de sabiduría, entendimiento y conocimiento para realizar la tarea a la que te ha llamado. (Éxodo 31: 1-6)
 Muchos de nosotras tenemos miedo de dar un paso de fe y servir a nuestro Señor. Estoy aquí para decirles que el Señor no espera que nuestros pasos sean perfectos. ¡Él solo espera que seamos obedientes, y demos el primer paso, y le permitamos hacer el resto!
No son nuestros pasos perfectos lo que el mundo anhela tan desesperadamente a mis queridas hermanas de la fe, está más allá de eso.
Al mundo no le impresionan las personas supuestamente perfectas que viven en casas perfectas con niños perfectos. La gente queda impresionada por el amor y el amor “genuino inspirado por Dios”. Eso es lo que los moverá y eso es lo que les dará una gran confianza. Se real.
 Testifico esto cada vez que me levanto para hablar y me equivoco. No soy perfecta, ni soy un oradora perfecta. Lo veo cada vez que comparto mi pasado roto en lugar de lo maravillosas que pueden ser las cosas ahora. Las personas no pueden relacionarse con la perfección, pero pueden relacionarse con ser “reales”. ¡Anima a otros a salir e intentarlo también!
¿Cómo te va a usar Dios para construir Su Reino?
Se necesita valor, amiga mía, y recuerda, Dios es capaz de hacer mucho más de lo que podemos pedir o pensar. Permítale acceder y estar dispuesta a usar tus errores para sus mensajes; honestamente, así es como comenzaron mis escritos …
August 6, 2021

August 6, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Uncategorized on August 6, 2021

If you are a parent or grandparent, God has given us authority to pray for our children. We know their hopes, fears, insecurities and dreams, their gifts and abilities, better than anyone else.
Understanding these words, you love them more than life itself and no one has a heart for their well-being as much as you do.
Even though we can’t be with them every moment, and some of us can’t be with them at all ( broken heart situations)…God can.
You can trust that He will be with them in power when you pray. I cling to this. I have to fully understand that God is in control, even when I’ve tried everything I can do…(My heart is broken over my children.) If any of you can relate, I pray along with you, with ALL that I can… because I completely understand the pain is intense.
Each time we pray, let us intercede for our kids. Pray God will bless their lives and give them wisdom and discernment in the choices they face. Pray that He will protect them, love them, open their eyes and heal them where they need healing, to bring “glory to God”, and “hope” and healing to those around them.
Our children will thrive when we pray over them and trust them to God. It may take what seems like a lifetime for results, but it’s God’s time to work in their life as only He can, not ours. I cling to this every day I’m still breathing. I know God will deliver His promises. They are truths within our lives!
August 5, 2021

August 5, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Uncategorized on August 5, 2021

With all of the social media postings, we see these days, our minds are sure filled with everyone’s highs and lows and opinions. One thing we don’t need to do is to look at “other women” and long for their lives or develop jealousy or envy over their “callings” when they do something that is helpful or good for others.
 You have a calling on your own life and let me be the first to say, it’s beautiful.  God makes no mistakes.
Look to God for your circumstances and what you can do in them and you’ll find Him there.
You don’t need to be captivated by your fears. You are a child of the Most-High Father.
Ladies, nothing can deter you from your own calling! The calling God placed on your life from His creation of you, is yours. (Jeremiah 1:5)
 Stop looking at the person you’re comparing yourself to, wherever you found her. She is not you! Maybe she isn’t even real. (???) Stop looking at your past sins or mistakes, and obstacles you are facing right now. Leave them at the foot of the cross!
The only thing that will keep you in bondage to your mundane or less-than-life, is UNBELIEF! Rise above it!!!
You must trust Jesus and move forward by faith. Stop comparing yourself to what you see from others on social media these days and wishing you were them.
You have one life to live. Facedown your fears and embrace the God-confidence He gives you! You are a princess of the King! Live the significant life you were made for.
“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you, before you were born I set you apart”…
(Jeremiah 1:5)
Watch this video for more encouragement:
5 de agosto del 2021

5 de agosto del 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Español on August 5, 2021

Con todas las publicaciones en las redes sociales que vemos en estos días, nuestras mentes están llenas de los altibajos y opiniones de todos. Una cosa que no necesitamos hacer es mirar a “otras mujeres” y anhelar sus vidas o desarrollar celos o envidia por sus “llamamientos” si hacen algo que es útil o bueno para los demás.
 Tienes un llamado a tu propia vida y déjame ser la primera en decir, es hermoso. Dios no comete errores.
Mira a Dios por sus circunstancias y lo que puede hacer en ellas y lo encontrarás allí.
No necesitas ser cautivada por tus miedos. Eres una hija del Padre Altísimo.
Señoras, ¡nada puede disuadirlas de su propia vocación! El llamado que Dios puso en tu vida desde que te creó, es tuyo. (Jermías 1: 5)
 Deja de mirar a la persona con la que te comparas, donde sea que la encuentres. ¡Ella no es usted! Quizás ella ni siquiera sea real. (???) Deja de mirar tus pecados o errores pasados ​​y los obstáculos que estás enfrentando en este momento. ¡Déjalos al pie de la cruz!
¡Lo único que te mantendrá esclavizada por tu vida mundana o inferior es la INCREDULIDAD! ¡¡¡Levantate por encima de ello!!!
Debes confiar en Jesús y avanzar por fe. Deja de compararte con lo que ves de los demás en las redes sociales en estos días y desear ser ellos.
Tienes una vida para vivir. ¡Enfréntate a tus miedos y acepta la confianza en Dios que Él te da! ¡Eres una princesa del Rey! Vive la vida significativa para la que fuiste creada.
“Antes que te formara en el vientre te conocí, antes que nacieras te aparté” …
(Jeremías 1:5)
4 de agosto del 2021

4 de agosto del 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Español on August 4, 2021

La bondad de Dios está a nuestro alrededor. Si en lugar de pedirle siempre a Dios que haga algo por nosotros, le pedimos a Dios que nos use con toda su bondad con la que nos creó. La vida sería diferente.
Mis oraciones cambiaron significativamente y con esto, mi vida siguió su ejemplo cuando comencé a orar de esta manera y a pedirle a Dios que usara su bondad en mí.
Siempre debemos invitar a la presencia de Dios, el poder de Dios y la paz de Dios a nuestras vidas y debemos pedirle a Él todas nuestras necesidades, pero no debemos detenernos en esa solicitud.
Negarnos a nosotras mismos y pedirle a Dios que nos use traerá una “fe valiente” si le decimos a Dios que somos Suyas. Dios creó una “cosa buena” en cada uno de nosotros, lo dice en Su palabra.
Una palabra que usamos a menudo en WWL es coraje. Al decirle a Dios, “aquí estoy, envíame”, se necesita valor, ¿verdad?
Dios nunca llama a personas perfectas, llama a mujeres como tú y como yo. Él nos impulsa a vivir más allá de nosotras mismas y cuando lo hacemos, las bendiciones que llueven están más allá de su cumplimiento.
Dios nos llama por muchas razones …
Ir a servir, construir, amar, luchar, orar, dar, liderar. Ora por favor para que Dios te use de una manera particular. Considera formas de servir, como escribir tu historia o compartir un video o una publicación con nosotras.
No te preocupes por tu propia comodidad, si Dios te ha dado una historia, la tuya puede ser la que “cambie una vida” por el reino de Dios, o inspire a otra a ser valiente … reflexiona sobre esto y ríndete a Su mandato si Estás pensando en este momento.
Hay mucho más con lo que Dios puede bendecirte si confías en Él y lo intentas. Comienza orando para que Él te use …
… “Señor, aquí estoy, envíame” (Isaías 6:8)
August 4, 2021

August 4, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Uncategorized on August 4, 2021

God’s goodness is all around us. If instead of always asking God to do something for us, we ask God to use us with all His goodness He created us with. Life would be different.
My prayers changed significantly and with this, my life followed suit when I began to pray this way and ask God to use His goodness in me.
We should always invite Gods presence, Gods power and Gods  peace into our lives and we should ask Him for all of our needs, but we shouldn’t stop at that request.
Denying ourselves and asking God to use us will bring about “courageous faith” if we tell God we are all His! God created a “good thing” in each of us, He says so in His word.
One word we use often in WWL’s is courage. By saying to God, “here I am, send me”, it takes courage, right?
God never calls perfect people, He calls women just like you and me. He prompts us to live beyond ourselves and when we do, the blessings that rain down are beyond fulfilling.
God calls us for many reasons…
To go, to serve, to build, to love, to fight to pray, to give, to lead.  Please pray about God using you in a particular way. Consider ways to serve, like writing your story or sharing a video or post with us.
Don’t be about your own comfort, if God has given you a story,  yours may be the one to “change a life” for God’s kingdom, or inspire another to be courageous…ponder this and surrender to His bidding if you’re thinking at this moment.
There is so much more that God can bless you with as you just trust Him and try. Start with praying for Him to use you…
…”Lord here I am, send me” (Isaiah 6:8)
August 3, 2021

August 3, 2021

By Kimberly Hobbs in Uncategorized on August 3, 2021

Does anyone really like taking a test? Personally, I’m still having nightmares of “test day” from school.
God’s tests are not like school tests.
God already knows how much we know. The test is not for Him, it’s for us. God’s testing helps us to clearly see what we’re made of and it teaches us about ourselves and about God. It’s a learning process, my friends.
I personally felt I had gone through a test after this past year and as this precious group of women kept growing leaps and bounds things were happening in the midst. It was not easy for me. Often times these certain “things” that rose up, made me cry and wonder “what is going on here?” Why so many obstacles?
 I’d ask God, “if this group is growing so beautiful, why are these things still happening?” I knew in my heart I had to push through the challenges I faced and ask God question after question while I walked through- so He could speak to me.
I was learning as I asked! I was growing in FAITH! The beauty is deep inside, despite all my questions, I knew God was with me. The feeling was comforting.
Please remember we are often put to our most difficult test just before the greatest work of God in our lives is to be accomplished.
Don’t fear the times of testing God allows you to go through.
“Fear not, for I am with you, be not dismayed,  for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ( Isaiah 41:10)
God wants you to have unshakable FAITH through it. Think of it as a refining time.
Just think, God may be bringing you to a place in your life right now which requires more purity of heart, more faith, and more obedience than you’ve ever had before. Embrace it because God has a PURPOSE for you, I promise!