Board of Directors

Kelly Williams Hale

As the Graphic Artist for Women World Leaders, Kelly Williams Hale, is our creative genius! She formats Voice of Truth, the WWL books, and has her hand in most of the visual aspects of the ministry. Additionally, Kelly is an entrepreneur, speaker, and mentor. As an intimacy and empowerment coach, she guides women on their journey to embrace their uniqueness, cultivate confidence and own their personal power. She’s passionate about helping women claim their calling and discover the destiny God has for them!

Kelly has been featured on The Kingdom View show on the NOW Network and is a best-selling author as well as a contributing author to the Voice of Truth magazine. She hosts a monthly podcast with Women World Leaders and is a sought-after speaker. Kelly provides monthly training and encouragement in her Sisters who Shine Facebook community.

She is happily married (third time’s a charm!), a mom of three—all born about a decade apart—delivering her youngest when she was 44 years old! Kelly is living proof that past mistakes don’t define future success.

Kelly loves sushi, music, and Taco Tuesdays. She can often be found dancing to anything by the band For King & Country.