Board of Directors

Jessica Mourneault

I have been in the insurance industry for many years and presently working for the Vice President of our Company. I volunteer as a photographer for WWL at their meetings and special events including the Summit in 2019. Most recently I have been assisting the Voice of Truth Magazine in collecting headshots, required forms, and sourcing branding photos. I serve on the Board of Love’s Calling International Inc. – a Non-Profit Christian fundraising organization for youth who are called to missions as well. I recently started a website to encourage women to embrace personal growth, make a difference, and live a healthy lifestyle

I have been using my gift of photography at the WWL meetings to bring awareness to the Ministry. I capture tears, laughter, worship, and prayer. I want women to be encouraged when they see the ladies supporting one another in faith and purpose. I personally have seen God’s blessings in my life and I know how he can bless others. He has carried so many of us through difficult times in this group and gives us hope and promise.

Women World Leaders thanks Jessica for using her God-given talents to snap capture the beauty of the Lord. We are grateful for Jessica’s beautiful skills and kind heart!