Stephanie Fincher

Stephanie is honored to serve in ministry to bring the truth of God’s love and grace to people in all walks of life. With a formal background in education, practical experience as a business owner, and serving on prior board member teams, she utilizes her skills in writing, operational structures, and management processes to assist the Voice of Truth team in spreading the Gospel and speaking value and purpose into lives across the globe. She finds great joy in contributing to her own column to encourage others while giving glory and honor to God.

Stephanie loves spending time with her family, going on fun adventures, and has been married to her sweetheart for 35 years.

As a ministry we are beyond thankful for Stephanie’s administration, and non-profit organizational giftings. She is clearly a woman that LOVES the Word of God and continually encourages our team with the scriptures. Stephanie works heartily for the Lord with genuine excellence in all that she does!