Lois Daley

Lois Daley has walked with Jesus over 50 yrs. She is a Bible teacher, speaker, published author and prayer fanatic.  Being the daughter, and first born of two powerfully effective Bible Scholars and teachers, she was saturated in Bible knowledge from an early age. Besides her academic degrees in Aviation and Business, Lois graduated from Emmaus Bible School.

She has team led most ministries in the churches she has attended over her lifetime.  Lois has spent many years writing Bible study sessions for her church, poetry, creating materials for both children and adults. She has a unique gift of translating the Scriptures, so that others can understand the text. Recently a contributing author in “Tears to Triumph.” Lois spends a lot of time on her knees and cherishes adding your name to her list for daily intersection. She strongly feels that talking to God about even the mundane is a must.  Music is one of her passions. Singing comes innately to her, hence she has sung solo, in choirs and even conducted.  Whenever her pain level is low, you may catch her weeding, fertilizing or fiddling around her many species of flowers.  During the Fall, she becomes a different person. She is abnormally ‘nuts’ about football.

She’s married with three adult children and a grand kitty. Her commitment to Christ and her family is demonstrated in her unconditional love of righteousness and an intentional, what-ever-it-takes attitude.

Her life verse, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain,” can be seen in her tender, unbashful conversations, prayer and/or singing about God anywhere.

As a ministry, we adore Lois’s heart of service, and prayer unto the Lord. She is always ready to give an account of the gospel of grace in her life. She is always evangelizing to the near and the far, and we celebrate who the Lord made her to be.