Dr. Jia Conway

Dr. Jiajoyce thrives on Women’s Empowerment. She’s a servant of the Kingdom of God and a student of the Word. She is the CEO and Founder of “Change From the Inside Out Ministries,” where she empowers women to embrace their authentic selves through the word of God. Her call to serve women is one of passion, compassion, love, and desire for women to excel and survive beyond adversity. She is committed to the healthy and wholistic empowerment of women globally. She thrives on Women’s Empowerment and a wholistic approach to living a purpose-driven life- mind, body, and soul. “Changed From the Inside Out,” evolved out of a life that was consumed and only knew the pain of past abuse and loss, to a life of a woman that gave God a chance at restoration and wholeness, despite her own brokenness. She is a woman after God’s heart that is committed to building a community of women that desire nothing more than to be empowered to survive and thrive and be EVERYTHING God says that they are. Aside from serving the church as an Evangelist, she volunteers to help local survivorship groups such as Breast Cancer and Hematological Cancers. She also speaks publicly for organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society(TM), Oncology Nursing Society Local Chapter(TM), and other organizations for women. That aside, Dr. Jiajoyce is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for the Oncology Nurse Advisor and Lippincott Publishers and is an established nine-time published author in her own right.

She promotes professional, personal & spiritual development based on the Gospel of Jesus Christ through her life coaching programs. She is empowering women to not only change from the inside out but to tap into their God-ordained gifts & talents to achieve success. Dr. Conway’s mission is to impact women globally who are seeking change in their lives, so they may be encouraged, esteemed, and empowered to live and be who God created them to be. Deliverance, restoration, and transformation are the heart of her ministry. She offers life-changing services that exemplify her mantra, “Purpose to Change, Change on Purpose!” Change comes when we decide that we will embrace our worth as daughters of the highest!

Women World Leader graciously rejoices in Dr. Jia Conway’s passionate love for the Lord, her esteemed boldness, and her desire to empower women. We are blessed beyond measure by her encouragements.