Doris Clarke

I wanted to share my testimony about how God spoke to me about Women World Leaders.

I was in a season of my life where I felt alone and isolated after the passing of my mother in February of 2018. I was my mother‘s primary caregiver. Dealing with the grief and having to handle all of her personal matters put me in a depression. I wasn’t sure what my true calling was because I was always caring for others. God spoke to me in many ways through a few people that I know that made me realize that God wanted me in this season of isolation so I could work on taking care of me! I began to look at my alone time as great moments of strengthening my bond with God instead of feeling lonely.

My friend, Laura Balkissoon, invited me to come to the first Women World Leaders meeting. From the moment I stepped into your home, Kimberly, I felt like God‘s plan was working in my life. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit because I could not stop crying through the video lesson. I knew I was in the right place!

After attending every meeting and getting recognized for having perfect attendance and inviting new women, I realized that I needed to be more bold and leave my comfort zone and serve other women who are also going through the same issues. I now know that I am meant to lead other women to helping them find their God purpose, too!

My faith in God and my confidence in myself has grown exponentially since being introduced to this group. I’m very excited about where my future is going. I’m also SO grateful to all the new friendships that I have made with so many God fearing women!

Doris is a devoted sister. Her presence and patience within our team always give us encouragement. We are so grateful for Doris serving in roles of intercession and encouragement. She is a woman of honor.