Claire Portmann

Claire Ellen Portmann is wife to Brian, Mama to Kimberly, daughter to Janet, and little sister to Larry. With a heart on fire for Jesus, she is running the race for the Glory of the Kingdom of God. She has written a chapter in both “Tears to Triumph” and “Courageous Steps of Faith” and looks forward to continuing writing for WWL. She and her husband Brian have worked for over a decade building a successful Golden Retriever Breeding business and look forward to establishing, “Hands and Paws Canine Therapy Team,” in 2021 to bring joy, healing, and Jesus to a broken world Claire is also our stage director for our Facebook lives meetings every month.

She received degrees in both Parks and Recreation Management and Recreational Therapy.

Women World leaders was an answer to an unspoken prayer of a place where I could serve God with other like minded women of multiple generations lifting and building one another up for good works to be done for God, and it has been so much more than I could ever have imagined.

As a ministry we are so grateful to Claire’s love for others and determined heart. She has truly been a faithful sister, serving Christ through this ministry with passion.