Chris Mallek

3 years ago, I was diagnosed with uterine cancer.

I grew up Roman Catholic and never spent much time reading the Bible or feeling like I had a relationship with God. In fact, for some time I felt that something was missing in my life. There is a lot more to this story, but after receiving a miracle of healing, I wanted to help others and felt my purpose was somehow connected, but didn’t know how or what that looked like. I believe God brought me to a leadership role in WWL to strengthen my faith and share my story, healing, and faith journey to encourage others who may be battling cancer or another serious illness.

Chris serves ever so faithfully as our Finance Director. She embodies what it is to walk in perseverance and in wisdom. She has advanced the WWL mission in great financial decisions and directions that we never could have done without her expertise. We are so grateful for kind, faithful and determined heart.